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Moov&Cook - Expert in mobile kitchens since 1997

Kitchens are a professional business. And it is during construction and renovation works and when events are being organised that we can see just how much we need professionals!

A specialist in mobile kitchens since 1997, MOOV&COOK is the leader for hiring equipped kitchen modules and professional equipment.

Our team listens closely to chefs and their requirements – and is just as demanding as they are. It aims at simplifying their life by offering them temporary catering solutions perfectly suited to their organisation and their style of cooking. As an appetizer, we even visit our clients for drawing up individual layout plans… and it’s all free of charge!

MOOV&COOK is also a guarantee of quality and peace of mind throughout your project: our selective offer contains only top-quality modules and equipment and a complete service from the installation of your kitchen through to its dismantling, as well as training for your teams … all aimed at providing you with optimal continuity of service.

Lastly, the MOOV&COOK guarantee also offers all the benefits of a reactive, agile after-sales service that is just as mobile as our kitchens and always ready to help in solving your problems wherever you may be.

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The number of meals

Select the number of meals you require for finding the modules best-suited to your requirements:

Works are underway on your premises and you are looking for a catering solution?
Our mobile kitchen containers are complete, functional and adaptable to your teams’ organisation. They will enable you to continue providing the best possible services whilst works are underway on your site.

Our four expert capabilities at the service of your trade!